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The OrthoBioGen Program for the treatment of Sport's Injuries, Osteoarthritis, Joint Pain and Inflammation due to
trauma or injury.  For relief that goes beyond PRP, the OrthoBioGen Program, Success without Surgery.
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OrthoBioGen - The Non Surgical Treatment for:
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OrthoBioGen - The Non Surgical Treatment for:
...Success Without Surgery
  • Biologic injections that are more effective than basic PRP (platelet rich

  • Appropriate nutrient supplementation to assist healing,

  • And use orally of nannogram doses (very small amounts) of physiologic
    regulators to enhance the response to our various biologic injections and
    maximize your opportunity to heal.
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The OrthoBioGen Program has three foundations:
The OrthoBioGen Program can
help you return to your active and
pain free lifestyle and is an
excellent alternative to surgery.
The OrthoBioGen Program is a cutting-edge approach for treating  sport’s injuries,  
traumatic injuries as well as degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis and disc pain.  
Our procedures are based on the latest scientific research in the field of regenerative
medicine and allow us to  essentially  “turn on” your body’s own healing powers to relieve
pain and improve your ability to return to maximum health and function in a timely fashion
without surgery or pain medication.
We were one of the first centers in the country that began using biologic medicine and
continue to be one of the leaders in this area.  Biologic Medicine refers to obtaining, same-
day processing and utilizing components of your own blood and , at times,  bone marrow
and re-injecting these into the areas of injury or pain.   The biologic components that are
injected contain anti-inflammatory cytokines as well as growth factors and provide a
significant opportunity for healing of the injected areas.  When coupled with personalized
physiologic regulators and nutrients, we are achieving excellent results with the majority of
our patients.

One of the keys to successful treatment is determining the right diagnosis.  This allows us
to customize a biologic treatment plan for you.  Because we take the time to listen closely
to our patients, we have developed an expertise at assessing and diagnosing all types of
injuries and pain sources.

We emphasize a non-surgical approach to medicine with the ultimate goal of returning
patients to their active lives. While we understand that some patients require medication to
treat their pain issue,  
we do not prescribe pain medication at our office.  Our goal
is to eliminate the need for medication through our regenerative treatments.
Hear what NFL Player Anthony Becht has to say
about the OrthoBioGen treatment process.