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David M. Wall, MD
Dr. Wall is a graduate of Duke University and earned his medical degree from The Pennsylvania State University Stem Cell DoctorSchool of Medicine and did his post graduate internship at Georgetown Hospital and his residency in Anesthesiology and Pain Management at the University of Virginia Hospital.

He has co-authored a book on aging and wellness entitled Living Longer, Living Stronger. Dr. Wall has a well-rounded interest in numerous aspects of medicine including a strong interest in Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Wall’s diverse training, medical experience and skills allow him to help patients feel their best and look their best aging healthier and without pain.

With the combination of cutting-edge medical therapies offered at our center, our patients have the best opportunity to enjoy and live life to its fullest potential.

stem cell and PRP TreatmentWhy Choose Us?
Dr. Wall is one of the initial physicians in the country to use Biologic Medicine for healing and pain relief. He is a member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine, The Academy of Integrative Pain Management and the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Dr. Wall was the first physician in the country to utilize regenerative biologic medicine for the treatment of joint disease of the spine. He has been active in this area for a decade and has done joint and spine injections for over twenty years.

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