What is Dr. Wall’s background? Dr. Wall is a board certified Anesthesiologist and has been working in the field of Pain Medicine for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in the injections treatment of the spine and joints.


Are all Regenerative Biologic Treatments from different doctors the same? No. There are many different centers offering regenerative medicine treatments. There are only limited centers that offer ALL of the Biological Treatments as described on our site.


What are the benefits of the program? A main benefit is that it reduces and can eliminate pain and enhances healing. In specific circumstances it can eliminate the need for surgery and a prolonged recovery. It may also be used as a treatment for some people that are not candidates for surgery. Our proprietary program is a low-risk minimally invasive procedure. It uses the body’s own natural biological healing process.


Am I a good candidate for your program? If you’ve been injured or have pain in any of your joints, neck or back you may be an excellent candidate. If you are considering surgery for any of these areas you may be a candidate. Dr. Wall will determine this by taking a history, performing an examination and evaluating any Xrays and / or MRI’s or other imaging studies you may have.


Is there a cost for the initial evaluation? Yes. Dr. Wall does charge for his initial evaluation? The cost for this is $200.  However,  this charge is applied as a credit  toward your treatment should you elect to go forward.   


Why are these treatments called Regenerative Therapy? Because the process is intended to induce your body to “regrow” its own tissue to heal the area being treated. This is a remarkable advance in biologic medicine and is the beginning of many exciting advances in which we can help your body regenerate normal tissue to heal injury and reverse degenerative changes. We are early in this process and many studies remain to be done but it is clear that patients respond to these treatments in a very positive fashion and many achieve significantly positive results. Time and further study will tell if and how much new tissue can be induced with these different treatments.


Do I needX- rays, CAT scans or MRI’s to have the treatments? No, it’s not necessary but in certain cases it may be helpful. If you have had any of these imaging tests performed related to your area of pain, please either bring in the films and / or bring a report of the films. You can obtain these either from your doctor who ordered the test or from the imaging center who performed the test. If you have not had these done and Dr. Wall feels that such testing is necessary, he can order this at your visit.


Do the injections hurt? The injection treatments are generally not painful. While multiple injections are needed in the area of pain, we can use a topical anesthetic to numb the area applied about 30 minutes before the injection to significantly reduce any discomfort. For our patients receiving injections of the spine, we provide pain medication prior to the procedure to make it more comfortable.


How will I feel after the injections? This varies from individual to individual. You may have initial discomfort for a few days following the injections after which the injected area will start to improve with decreased pain and usually increased range of motion. This is one of the great benefits of our program versus surgery in that the recovery is so easy with little to no downtime.


How soon can I return to work? Usually you can return to work the next day unless otherwise instructed.


How many injections will I need? That depends on the condition being treated. Some of our patients require only a single injection while others may require two or three injections to achieve results. If more than one injection is needed, it can be done four to six weeks following the first one.


Is the treatment permanent? It’s too early to tell. There remain many studies to be done. Certain conditions, such as arthritis tend to progress over time and, in such conditions, repeat injections may be needed at a future time to continue the benefits.


Do you accept insurance? Dr. Wall is not a provider for any health insurance. However, we will provide you the necessary forms to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Some companies will pay for this while others will not.  Medicare does not pay for the procedures at this time.


How much do the treatments cost? Please contact our office for the cost.


How are injection performed? For all injections of the neck or back and for certain joint injections we utilize special x-ray called fluoroscopy to assure the needles are safely placed in the proper position to achieve the desired results.


If you have additional questions, please contact us.