AC Joint Injuries

Our program may be a viable alternative to surgery for AC Joint Injuries.

The AC joint stands for the acromio-clavicular joint.  It is where the clavicle, (collar bone) meets the shoulder.  The Treatment for AC Joint painAC joint is held together by strong ligaments – the acromioclavicular ligaments, the coracoacromial ligament and coracoclavicular ligaments.

AC dislocation is particularly common in collision sports but can be injured in falls as well.  AC dislocations are graded on a I to IV scale based on the degree of separation of the AC joint .

The extent of injury to the ligaments of the joint determine the amount of separation and thus the Grade of injury.   Grade I and II injuries do not require surgery and most Grade III can be managed without surgery.

In these cases we have utilized our biologic treatments with considerable success.  Patients note significant decreases in pain and earlier return to activities.

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