Partial Labral Tears

Relief of pain and treatment for Partial Labral Tears

The shoulder joint has a cuff of fibrous tissue called the labrum. The labrum circles the shallow shoulder socket Treatment for shoulder painknown as the glenoid wrapping around the upper portion of the arm.   The labrum along with the muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff help stabilize the shoulder joint while allowing for a very wide range of movement of the shoulder joint.

Trauma can be associated with a labral tear. The labrum also becomes more brittle with age, and can fray and tear as part of the aging process.  Labral tears usually present with shoulder pain and / or catching of the shoulder with movement.  These tears can occur in different parts of the labrum.

A SLAP tear is a tear at the top of the shoulder socket where the biceps tendon attaches to the shoulder.   It is the most common labral tear seen in athletes with overhead throwing motions.  Posterior labral tears are less common but can be seen in association with rotator cuff injuries in throwing athletes.  A Bankart Tear is due to stress placed on the front of the shoulder.

The treatment of a torn labrum depends on the type of tear that has occurred.  Most labral tears do not require surgery and can be approached with physical therapy and Regenerative Treatments.

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