Tendonitis and Muscle Injury

Patients suffering from Tendonitis, Tendon and Muscle Injury are excellent candidates for our program

Tendons are the strong bands of collagen tissue that connect your muscles to the bones all over your body.  InjuriesStem Cell treatment for sports injuries can occur either to the muscle itself as in a mid- hamstring tear or to the tendon of the muscle along its insertion on the bone as in an Achilles injury.

Injuries to either the muscle or tendon can range in severity.  Mild injuries generally heal with conservative measures such as rest, ice and elevation of the injured limb.  However, more severe injuries involve significant tears of the muscle or tendon and require much longer to heal.  Treatment for these injuries usually requires specific physical therapies and rehabilitation exercises.  Athletes who have significant tendon or muscle injuries are excellent candidates for OrthoBioGen biologic treatments.

We have successfully treated professional, college, high school and even weekend warrior athletes with these injuries allowing them to speed their rehab and return to their specific sports in a much shorter time period with an improved chance for long term health of the injured region.

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