Tennis and Golfers Elbow

We offer treatment for Elbow Pain including Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

The elbow is a common place for tendon problems.  In the past, we usually used the term tendinitis to refer to inflammation in a tendon.  However, we have found that in many cases there is, in fact, minimal inflammation in a painful tendon but more degeneration.

We refer to a tendon undergoing degeneration that has started to breakdown as tendinosis.  The two most commonGolfers elbow and tennis elbow treatment areas of tendinosis in the elbow are known as tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.  It is called “tennis elbow” when there is an injury to the outer elbow tendon.   It is called “golfer’s elbow” when there is an injury to the inner elbow tendon.   However, elbow tendon problems can be caused by sports other than golf and tennis.   Other non sports activities that involve repeated use of the wrist and forearm muscles can also lead to these conditions.

Symptoms include pain in the elbow that spreads into the upper arm or down to the forearm as well as weakness of the forearm.   These pains can begin suddenly or can develop gradually over time.   Generally arm bracing, reduced use of the affected arm, and specific exercises are recommended for treatment.

Our treatments have been very effective for helping to resolve these issues quickly and effectively.

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